Whipped Body Butter Made With Love

For years, at least 10, I have been using Earthtone Naturals’ Handcrafted Body Butters & Exfoliants. These handcrafted beauty products are made with natural and organic ingredients and leave my skin feeling and smelling FABULOUS. Before I started using the Whipped Body Butter, and yes it is whipped honey (two snaps), I would use lotions, oils and other products that left my skin feeling dull and dry by the end of the day. They also felt heavy on my skin or made me sweat in this Georgia heat. Once I started using the Body Butter I noticed how soft my skin felt to touch, even when I had not used it. I also noticed that any marks or scars I may have had started to disappear. What the what?! Yes Boo’skis, this product not only nourishes your skin, but heals it too!

Listen, I am not over exaggerating and I would not lie to you when I tell you this product is the truth. I swear by it and recommend you try it for yourself.

In addition to the Body Butter, I also use EN’s Sugar Scrubs. There are plenty of exfoliating products on the market, but none like this. Made with Brown Sugar, aloe vera, and other key essential oils perfect for skin care, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and my complexion glowing. EN can be used on every part of your body, from head to toe. You can also use if for the entire family, yes men too.

Fellas, I know you can be a little hesitant about beauty products but when your hands and feet start looking and feeling better and your Boo notices, you’ll be sending me thank you cards and flowers. LOL

There are a variety of scents you can choose from for both the butters and the scrubs. My favs are Ginger Peach, Lemongrass Sage and their newest scent Guava Fig. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, just let Earthtone’s chemist know and she will whip you up a special batch made just for you. I can go on and on but I beg you to use the link below and try it…go ahead..what are you waiting for?  You will not be disappointed.

Until next time Boo’skis….Smooches!

Share your skin care tips. Let me know if you use/used Earthtone Naturals’ Products and share your experience. Leave a comment below. Can’t wait to hear!

10 thoughts on “Whipped Body Butter Made With Love

  1. I started using Earthtone’s products during my first pregnancy to reduce/prevent stretchmarks and it worked. Its been a customer for 15 years and im still a huge fan. I love the way my skin looks and feels! The best on the market!

  2. Thank you for your amazing review and testiomonial on Earthtone Naturals Skincare products as well as being a loyal customer since the beginning!!💜

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