The Joy’s Of Being An Auntie

As you may have read in my Bio, I am the only and youngest child of my parents. Hmmm the youngest and the only, seems redundant right? Well let me break it down real quick. I am my Mother’s only child and my Father’s youngest child. I have two brothers and two sisters which are technically by “half” siblings but my Father never allowed us to call each other “half” anything. I can hear him in my head saying “What half do you want?” LOL

From my siblings I have seven beautiful nieces and eight handsome nephews. Because of the age and regional differences between my siblings and I, I only had the opportunity to experience three of them as babies and teens. However, I would have to say I am very close to most of them. Once I got married I inherited more nieces and nephews. Three wonderful nephews and four sweet nieces. I had the pleasure of actually raising all but two nieces, due to my divorce. In all, I have been blessed to be the Auntie to eleven nieces and eleven nephews!  How lucky am I right?

Being an Auntie brings me so much joy! I even have special names for all of them, that only I’m allowed to call them. I love the relationships I have established with my nieces & nephews, especially as young adults. I am the Auntie they call and talk to when life happens. I am the Auntie they call for fashion tips. I am the Auntie they call to talk about their significant others. I am the Auntie they call when they just need a little love. What more can an Auntie  ask for?

Within the last few years my inherited nieces and nephews are moving into their mid twenties and venturing off into married life. Two years ago I hosted an engagement party for my niece Nikki (Niecey Poo). I was sooo excited to see her happy with a young man who loves her dearly. I beamed from ear to ear watching them mingle with their friends and family, talking about their future together. Even more recent, I was part of my nephew William (Will.I.Am) proposing to his girlfriend in the most classy & romantic way. A helicopter ride around the city of Atlanta, and proposing on one knee on the helicopter pad, much to her surprise. Of course she said Yes! I would like to take some of the credit for his romantic side. Lol I remember when he first started dating Tam, he would call me and ask for date ideas and places to go. Awwww my heart just melts thinking about it.

I have one biological nephew who lives in Atlanta with me. I encouraged him some years ago to move here because of the opportunities for young black men and of course all the eligible young ladies. *wink-wink* He also provides a safety net for me since most of my biological family lives in Pennsylvania. Whatever I need, whenever I need it, he makes sure I am good.  Jamar (JP) is the best! My nephew Kevin (K to da J) attended Morehouse College for his freshman year. He was one nephew I was able to watch grow from a baby to a young man, so having him here with me for a year was quite a treat.

Social Media has played a huge part in me connecting with my nieces and nephews who were raised in other states and are very close to my age. We communicate and I get to experience their families as if I am there. I feel so blessed to be “Auntie Kia”. As an only child, you think you’ll never have that experience, but God blessed me with the awesomest nieces and nephews in the entire world. They are smart, good looking, motivated, family oriented, humorous, and most of all they LOVE ME! I think a family reunion is in order!

Until next time Boo’skis…Smooches.

Tell me about our Joys of being an Auntie or an Uncle. Leave a comment below. Let’s chat.

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