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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

The first full moon of the decade arrives January 10, 2020 and it’s also a soul-stirring lunar eclipse in Cancer. Wowzers!

What does this all mean? This full moon will be emotionally charged and carry with it a strong release of energy. We’ll feel our emotions tenfold! Don’t be afraid to get into it! This energy will enable you to get in tune with your soul and align with your Higher Self, our Spiritual Self….just as Source requires us to be. 

Give lots of attention to your heart space also known as our heart chakra. Healing is in order Boo’skis! This Full Moon energy will allow you to open you heart center and channel the language of the Universe-LOVE.

During this emotionally heightened alignment, be sure to take time to reflect, listen carefully and think before you speak. Feel every emotion deeply in order to find balance. We are also being taught to understand ourselves so that we can move forward stronger than ever before. 

Remember, there is not a single problem that cannot be solved through our  Divine Power.

Peace & Love *StarLyte*

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